General Information

Full Name Wenyuan "Sandy" Chen
Date of Birth 10th October 2000
Languages English(working language), Mandarin(native), Cantonese(native), French(Beginner)
Computer Skills Programming Language [Python, Java, SQL], Neural Networks and Deep Learning Algorithms and Models


  • 09/2018 - 03/2023
    University of California—San Diego (UCSD)
    • Double Major in Data Science & Human Biology
    • Overall GPA 3.97
    • Core Courses.
      • Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistical Methods, Data Management, Recommender System and Web Mining, Systems for Scalable Analytics, Data Visualization, Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Inference, Programming/Data Structures/Algorithms for Data Science, Deep Learning, Intro to Machine Learning, Statistical NLP, Metabolic Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Human Physiology and Lab, Biology of Cancer, Immunology, etc.
  • 01/2015 - 05/2018
    International Baccalaureate Certificate
    Windermere Preparatory High School
    • Overall GPA 4.37/4

Research Experience

  • 07/2022 - present
    Research Assistant
    Prof.Rose Yu’s Lab at Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute of UCSD
    • The project builds a data-driven simulator ( that combines simulation and real-world data that accurately predicts a patient’s Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) and provides reference for optimal flow control of percutaneous ventricular assisted devices (pVADs)
    • Reset blood pressure distribution to simulate original data, perform Sim2Real transfer to train a DANN model (Domain-Adversarial Training of Neural Networks) in PyTorch, attempt to reproduce and verify previous simulation results on both myocardial infarctions (AMICGS) and high risk percutaneous coronary interventions (HRPCI) cohorts
    • Continue to investigate the performance of different deep learning models, compare performance of the conditional LMU encoder with DANN model by switching motor speed
  • 02/2019 - 05/2020
    Research Assistant
    Prof. Enfu Hui’s Lab at Department of Cell and Developmental Biology of UCSD
    • Studied how N and O glycosylation of CD80 contribute to the different binding levels between CD80 and CTLA-4, investigated the functional mechanism, and how it might affect the function of CTLA-4 as immune checkpoint and suppressive regulation of T cells
    • Designed CD80 mutants with different glycosylation sites with MegAlign software for DNA sequencing alignment and A plasmid Editor (ApE) for designing mutations
    • Cultured desired mutants in a variety of cells, employed the protein PD-L1 into the system to detect the glycosylation site affected by PD-L1/CD80 interactio
    • Utilized techniques and tools including PCR, spectrophotometer, western blot, ImageJ, protein quantification and purification, cell sorting, etc., applied FRET Assays to identify the results

Teaching Experience

  • 01–06/2021
    Undergraduate Tutor for BIBC102 Upper Division Metabolic Biochemistry at UCSD
    • Held 50-minute discussion session and 60-minute office hour weekly (or with appointment)
    • Took responsibility for homework and exam grading
    • Gave a 3-hour review session before the exam
    • Received 100% recommendation from both professors and twice from students


  • 01/2022 – 06/2022
    Group Project Leader
    DS3 society at UCSD
    • Led a group of 4 undergraduate students on a global health project
    • Researched on WHO data to reveal health disparities and inequalities in medical care by comparing marginalized and non-marginalized groups
    • Compared whether and how gender plays a significant factor influencing life expectancy, cancer death rates, and health indicators across continents in different countries and regions, visualized the data with Python to showcase the findings
    • Planned to adopt machine learning methods to alternator factors and build predictive models
  • 04/2021 - 09/2021
    Shadow Intern
    Huadu District People’s Hospital of Guangzhou
    • Shadowed doctors in outpatient intakes and inpatient ward rounds of Thyroid Specialization and Gastroenterology & Hepatology Specialization for 8 hours on weekdays
    • Observed thyroid endoscopic surgery, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP, a minimally invasive interventional procedure), hepatobiliary & gastrointestinal resection and repair surgeries, as well as minor outpatient surgeries, etc.

Course Project

  • 03/2022 – 06/2022
    CSE 151B Upper Division Deep Learning
    • Learned how to develop methods for trajectory forecasting in autonomous driving from two perspectives, data and models
    • Selected 6 cities for data preprocessing, implemented feature engineering, translational variance, data normalization techniques, and combined all the data for model training
    • Experimented with different models (constant velocity, acceleration, linear regression, LSTM, Encoder/Decoder, MLP/RMLP), and identified the recurrent multilayer perceptron (RMLP) as the preferable model

Honors and Awards

  • 2023
  • 2018 - 2023
    • Provost Honor

Other Interests

  • Hobbies: Hike, Play badminton, Travel, Bake, Cook